The Process– Holistic comprehensive planning process. Developed in the 1940’s by an insurance company whose niche was to work with business owners and high net worth families. This art form disappeared in the early 1980’s due to corporate downsizing. We learned it from a master trainer whose mentor helped develop the process.  It involves evaluating the current situation, discussing goals and objectives, analyzing how you stack up (current situations vs. objectives), discussing potential solutions (advantages and disadvantages), implementing the plan (investments, insurance, attorney/CPA meetings), and ongoing white glove service. Many companies talk about various pieces of the process, we have implemented all phases.  Our staff is trained in the culture, and our technology revolves around this central theme.


Build a financial plan– Net Worth today, Life insurance summary, Objectives, Cash Flow including big ticket and education expenses, Withdrawal Rates, Financial Independence options such as age to retire, how much to save, maximum retirement spending, estate liquidity projections, gifting. Financial planning portal powered by eMoney- 24/7 anytime anywhere access. Build your own secure portal, mobile phone app, vault for valuable documents such as passports, will documents, tax returns, daily account aggregation updates.


What if’s– Some of the scenarios to consider…What would happen if I sell my business, want to retire early, set up a college plan for my kids/grandkids, gift to charity, compare today vs. 10 years down the road. The Planning Matrix– Business succession planning, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, cash flow planning, senior care planning. We coordinate the planning with your attorney and CPA.


Monitor Life Changes– Reviews/updates are important to make sure you stay on track as circumstances change. Multiple meetings a year, 2 investment portfolio management/insurance reviews, semi annual planning meeting preferred, by monthly update conference calls and/or emails.

White Glove Service– 24 hour response to emails and phone calls.  If we need to research, we provide a definitive time as to when we expect to get back to you.

Family Office– Work with your kids to educate them on finance 101 concepts, the rule of 72, role of life insurance, last wills and testaments, proper beneficiary designations, assist with company benefit options such as 401Ks, etc. 24/7 access to Educational Archives white papers and videos on a variety of financial planning topics.

Investment solutions– Coordinated with the financial plan and distribution needs.

Insurance solutions– Is your life insurance program meeting your goals and objectives? Is it competitive with the current market?